I like to get my information by reading, but with popular books on anti-racism for Whites out of stock everywhere, I have been turning to the many podcasts, videos, and movies that are being shared as ways to begin dismantling my biases, educating myself as a White person, and understanding Black history and perspectives.

I am only at the start of exploring the wealth of resources out there, but here are a few that I have found excellent:

5-Minute Illustrated History of What Happened After Slavery

I love how this fast-action illustrated history from the Equal Justice Initiative explains how slavery has persisted even though it was outlawed.

A TED Talk That does an excellent job of explaining Racism

The story pictures shared by Dr. Camara Jones explain how racism works for both Blacks and Whites in easy-to-grasp and memorable images. Andre Henry of the Hope & Hard Pills podcast calls it the “best TED talk explaining racism ever.”

The First Podcast I Listened to After George Floyd

This conversation with Sebene Selassie, meditation teacher and author of the forthcoming You Belong: A Call for Connection, is incredibly warm, gentle, and enlightening. Sebene talks about how prejudice is part of our society and is infused into us from a very young age.  (Thank you to Jo Cooper of Integrative Health Design for telling me about this podcast.)

Dan Harris of ABC News and The Ten Percent Happier podcast has since recorded many more talks on race, such as White People Drop the Shame and Get Curious.

A Realistic and Touching Drama Involving Police & Race

My 16-year daughter and I are watching this movie, The Hate U Give (offered free on YouTube and many other channels). It’s as haunting as it is beautiful and really helps you see how good people can get involved in “bad” things when the system is set up against them. Based on a 2017 novel of the same name, which debuted at number one on The New York Times’ young adult bestseller list.