I feel like I have committed a crime
I tried to organize a playdate for my kids
The school system said this week is our new spring break
No road trip to Ohio in April to their grandparents’ farm

I wonder if my name will be put on some kind of blacklist
by the parents who didn’t respond for days to the email that said,


My son’s best friend’s family said yes
to one there Tuesday
one here Thursday

I am a sociopath
For merging two families’ germ pools, contact histories

Neighbors walk by and examine this child playing nerf guns with mine
who yell his name so loud in our backyard
everyone must know by now
what I have done

And I feel a guilt so cutting that I have to go to bed early
with a headache and a cool feeling in my nose

This is the beginning of coronavirus,
I’m convinced

Serves you right,
they will say